Design Thinking Initiatives @ SNS 

Design thinking is not exclusively for designers alone, but is a way of thinking for all problem solvers and innovator. This helps us to systematically apply these human-cantered techniques to solve problems in a creative and innovative way. Design thinking provides a solution-based approach to solving problems. It is a way of thinking and working as well as a collection of hands-on methods.

Some of the world’s leading brands, such as Apple, Google, Samsung and GE, have rapidly adopted the design thinking approach. What’s more, design thinking is being taught at leading universities around the world, including Stanford, Harvard and MIT. In India, SNS institutions were the first to adopt the design thinking approach to curriculum development and have incorporated its concept in their regular thought process.

The Innovation Hub at SNS institutions had been established to take the institutions towards the path of innovation.

Emerging Technologies 

The Emerging Technological thrust areas are the paths to travelled to achieve the goals of the institution. The innovative Hub updates itself and guides the institution in these thrust areas by setting clear steps for its achievement. It promotes interdisciplinary projects and organises workshops, seminars and conferences related to them. Data analytics, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, Additive Manufacturing and Financial Technology. The industrial verticals where these thrust areas will be applied to are the Food and Agricultural industry, the Medical Industry, Energy sector, Aerospace Industry, Automobile Industry, Automation and Robotics Industry and in the design and development of smart cities.

Innovation Pathway

  • Club of excellence

In pursuit of SNS Institutions-Industry partnership initiatives, Centre of excellence are established by our institution. Centre of Excellence is a place to enhance the skills of the students. It provides ample opportunity for the students and faculty members to implement the latest industry practice with Design Thinking approach and upgrade their knowledge through industry relevant projects.

The objectives of our club of Excellence is

  • Collaboration with leading industries and associated with real time projects
  • Focus on quality in technical education and increase in employability of students
  • Create platform for students to acquire skills in recent technology and trends.
  • Encourage Team building and shared learning to become an industry ready graduate.


SNS Institutions has setup various incubators to promote innovative Ideas and entrepreneurship among the students. The objective is to promote and encourage start-ups in specific subjects/sectors and would provide them with necessary infrastructure facilities and other value-added services.

  • Research works
  • Product development and Industry Projects

Design thinking approach is a key factor for product development in our institutions. The problem statement is collected from leading and small-scale industries and 5 stages of DT approach is used to develop a product. Currently 330 DT based projects are under taken from industries. These products are developed with innovative ideas by the faculty members and the students.

Facilities- Innovation space:

Having the rightful workspace for experiencing Design Thinking –encourages the young minds to become more creative and Innovative. partnering with right industry will allow us to have the perfect workspace.

The innovation space available in our institutions are as follows,


e-Yantra Project is an initiative by IIT Bombay that SNS has partnered with, aiming to create the next generation of embedded systems engineers with a practical outlook to provide practical solutions to the real-world problems.


SNS-TI innovation lab is a corporate connect initiative with Texas Instruments, Bangalore. It is a Design House catering to design, development, production and transfer of technology in the electronics domain.


Our IoT Lab has a strong emphasis on connecting with industry and is particularly focused on the areas of tech-enabled services.


The joint venture V- Alienz SNS Product Design Studio developed by Centre for Creativity and Department of Mechanical Engineering jointly inaugurated a novel initiative “Company on Campus” to foster new product development.


A 24*7 lounge for “Learn by Doing” centre focusing on Automobiles. It includes a fab shop as well.  The lab attracts students interested in Go-karts, e-bikes and the kinds of such student’s projects.


SNS Institutions & Automation Anywhere University established Coimbatore’s first Centre-of-Excellence in the field of Robotics Process Automation (BOT Lab) by Department of Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology. Mr. S. Krishna Raju, Manager Business Development, University Alliance at Automation Anywhere, Bangalore unveiled the plaque at CSE & IT Lab in SNSCE and SNSCT respectively.


As an outcome of an Ideathon – Hackathon event winning innovative projects are set to display as a prototype and product in our SNS IBI LIQUID STUDIO. It is evolving as a prime space and the budding engineers deem it a privilege if their projects get shortlisted for display


SI.NoYearPrincipal InvestigatorsDepartmentTitle of the ProjectClient OrganizationConsultancy generated
12015-16Dr.K.Malarvizhi, Mrs.R.KirubaEIECost Effective Optimization for Personnel Monitoring SystemVento Infotech Pvt.Ltd,8 th Street,Gandhipuram-641012.Rs. 30,000
22018-19Dr. N.J.R. MunirajBiomedical EngineeringBattery RefurbishmentRenewable Energy System Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore-560079Yet to receive
52018-19Mr. S.VasanthaseelanAutomobileExtraction of biodiesel from AlgaeTamilnadu State Council For Science and Technology,ChennaiRs. 7500/-
62019-20Dr.M.ManjuladeviChemistryPreparation of  cleaning productsSNSCT & SNSCERs. 30,000/-
72020-21Dr.M.ManjuladeviChemistryPreparation of  cleaning productsSNSCT STAFFSRs.3,000/-
82020-21Mr.R.M.Karthikeyan AsP/CE
Mr.P.S.Venkatanarayanan, AP/CE
CIVIL ENGINEERINGBore hole InvestigationSNS37000
92019-20Mr.R.M.Karthikeyan, AsP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGSurveyingAssociated Autotex Ancillaries Pvt.Ltd, Coimbatore1500
102019-20Mr.R.M.Karthikeyan, AsP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGSurveyingVatawaran Constructions750
Mr.P.S.Venkatanarayanan, AP/CE
CIVIL ENGINEERINGSoil testingAssociated Autotex Ancillaries Pvt.Ltd, Coimbatore16026
122018-19Dr.K.Thirumalairaja, HoD/CE & CEP
Mr.P.S.venkatanarayanan, AP/CE
CIVIL ENGINEERINGSoil testingMs.R.Swaminathan, Ganapathy, Coimbatore900
Mr.P.Selvaprasanth, AP/CEP
CIVIL ENGINEERING AND PLANNINGSoil testingGeo green coconut and coir products29500
142018-19Dr.R.Anuradha,HoD/CEPCIVIL ENGINEERINGConcrete Cube testingBethana Associates1400
Mr.P.S.Venkatanarayanan, AP/CE
CIVIL ENGINEERINGSoil testing  Autotex Limited, Coimbatore21000
162018-19Dr.O.R. Kavitha, AsP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGSurveyingDuvo Engineering2500
172018-19Mr.R.M.Karthikeyan, AsP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGSurveyingTaja Infrastructure2500
Mr.P.S.Venkatanarayanan, AP/CE
CIVIL ENGINEERINGSoil testingCM Infrastructures17000
192018-19Mr.R.M.Karthikeyan, AsP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGCube TestingShree OMA Constructions, Coimbatore375
Mr.P.S.Venkatanarayanan, AP/CE
CIVIL ENGINEERINGSoil Testing-Road WorkSunmax Constructions, Coimbatore8250
212017-18Dr.O.R. Kavitha, AsP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGCube TestingKGISL, Coimbatore3250
222017-18Mr.R.T.Arjun Siva Rathan, AP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGSoil TestingLarsen and Toubro Limited, Coimbatore11500
Mr.P.S.Venkatanarayanan, AP/CE
CIVIL ENGINEERINGSoil TestingAutotex Limited, Coimbatore21000
242017-18Mr.R.T.Arjun Siva Rathan, AP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGSoil TestingAsvin Construction, Coimbatore10500
252017-18Mr.R.T.Arjun Siva Rathan, AP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGSoil TestingAVM properties, Saravanampatti8400
262017-18Mr.R.T.Arjun Siva Rathan, AP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGSoil TestingLarsen and Toubro Limited, Coimbatore30000
272017-18Mr.R.T.Arjun Siva Rathan, AP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGSoil TestingLarsen and Toubro Limited, Coimbatore30000
282017-18Mr.R.T.Arjun Siva Rathan, AP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGSoil Test- Road WorkLarsen and Toubro Limited, Coimbatore27600
292016-17Mr.R.M.Karthikeyan,AsP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGMaterial TestingDr.Damodharan,Coimbatore500
302016-17Mr.R.T.Arjun Siva Rathan, AP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGSoil TestingLarsen and Toubro Limited, Coimbatore26400
312016-17Mr.R.T.Arjun Siva Rathan, AP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGSoil TestingBlue Line Construction,Namakkal5250
322016-17Mr.R.M.Karthikeyan,AsP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGCube testingOculus, Coimbatore, Father’s Site, Ooty700
332016-17Mr.R.T.Arjun Siva Rathan, AP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGSoil TestingAVM properties, Saravanampatti4500
342016-17Mr.R.T.Arjun Siva Rathan, AP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGSoil TestingBlue line Construction, Namakkal4200
352016-17Mr.R.T.Arjun Siva Rathan, AP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGSoil TestingDr. Ram, Salem3000
362016-17Mr.R.T.Arjun Siva Rathan, AP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGSoil TestingMr. Retnasamy, Kinathukadavu, Coimbatore6000
372015-16Mr.R.M.Karthikeyan,AsP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGMaterial TestingCIT, Coimbatore3000
382015-16Mr.R.M.Karthikeyan,AsP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGMaterial TestingBethanam Associates, Coimbatore600
392015-16Mr.R.T.Arjun Siva Rathan, AP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGWater TestingMr.Jeen Christopher, Coimbatore2000
402015-16Mrs.S.D.Anitha Selvasofia, AP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGMaterial TestingEr. Rajasekar, Coimbatore2400
412015-16Mr.R.T.Arjun Siva Rathan, AP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGSoil TestingMrs. Sreedevi, Coimbatore5000
422015-16Mr.R.T.Arjun Siva Rathan, AP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGWater TestingMrs. Chandravadana, Coimbatore1500
432015-16Mr.R.T.Arjun Siva Rathan, AP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGWater TestingMr. Chandrasekar, Coimbatore2000
442015-16Mr.R.M.Karthikeyan,AsP/CECIVIL ENGINEERINGMaterial TestingMr. Adhil, Coimbatore1000
452016-2017Dr.S.Rajaranganathan, Dr.T`KalaiKumaran, Dr.S.KarthikCSENavigation SystemB positive Technologies100000
462016-2018Dr.S.Rajaranganathan, Dr.T`KalaiKumaran, Dr.S.KarthikCSENavigation SystemPRS SOLUTIONS50000
472016-2019Dr.S.Rajaranganathan, Dr.T`KalaiKumaran, Dr.S.KarthikCSENavigation SystemImage Institute Private Limited150000
482016-2020Ms. M. SumathiCSEData MaintenanceSandfits Foundries Pvt. Ltd.NIL
492019-2020Dr.J.Ajayan                                                       Mr. M.SaravananECETransformer less Low cost Power supplyHi-Tech Electronics, Coimbatore,Rs. 12000/-
502019-2020 Mr. M.Saravanan                                                Dr.J.AjayanECEMilk Vending MachineSpark Automation-Coimbatore,Rs. 10000/-
512019-2020Dr.B.Sivasankari                           Mrs.K.SumathiECEDC Motor controlAishwarya Enterprises, Coimbatore,Rs. 100000/-
522019-2020Dr.K.Kalai Selvi,Dean/ECE                          Dr.J.Geetha Ramani,ASP/ECE Dr.B.Sivasankari, ASP/ECE and Dr.R.Rajasekaran,AP/ECEECEIndustry Sponsored Seven Days Workshop on IoT Solutions Developer Program for Product DevelopmentMegatech Scientific Instruments, Coimbatore,Rs. 40000/-
532018-2019Dr.B.Sivasankari                                        Mr.S.SreejithECEOFDM Channel modulation and demodulation using Software defined Ratio(SFR)Megatech Scientific Instruments, Coimbatore,Rs. 30000/-
542018-2019Dr.T.Ravichandran, Dean/ECE,and Mr.A.Karthikeyan, AP/ECE,ECEEntrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC)Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII)Rs. 20000/-
552018-2019Dr.J.Ajayan,AP(SG)/ECE, Mr.R.SathishKumar,AP/ECE,ECETwo Days Hands on Training in Embedded System with IoTIEEERs. 5000/-
562017-2018Dr.T.Ravichandran, Dean/ECE, Dr.J.Geetha Ramani,ASP/ECE, Mrs.J.Jayageetha,ASP/ECE and Mrs.R.Prabha,ASP/ECE,ECEModernization of Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory for IoT ApplicationsAICTERs. 284100/-
572017-2018Dr.B.Sivasankari, ASP/ECE  Mrs.K.Sreejith, AP/ECEECEOFDM Channel modulation and demodulation using Software defined Ratio(SFR)Megatech Scientific Instruments, Coimbatore,Rs. 30000/-
582016-2017Mrs.E.Shanthini, AP/ECE  Mrs.R.Karthikamani, AP/ECEECEPCB Design and DevelopmentComtustec India Pvt. Ltd, M/S. Comtustec 19/1,Luna Nagar, Abbas Garden, Thadagam Road, Coimbatore-25.Rs. 23000/-
592018-2019Mrs.S.Jayashree and Mr.R.PradeepEEEDesign of Energy Efficient Motor for pumping ApplicationsMs.Ramdev Motors, CoimbatoreRs. 30,000
602018-2019Dr.R.Rajasekaran and Mrs.C.AiswaryaEEEDLife span tester for high power motors and pumpsMs.Beta Automation, CoimbatoreRs.1,00,000
612018-2019Mr.R.Vijayakumar and Dr.C.RamakrishnanEEEDevelopment of industrial IoT based smart meterMs.Delving Research and Development Pvt.Ltd, CoimbatoreRs.25,000
622018-2019Mrs.G.AbiramiEEEDesign of shunt active power filter for solar power applicationsMs.Megatech Scientific Instruments, CoimbatoreRs.25,000
632018-2019Dr.R.Senthilkumar and Mr.S.BharathEEEDesign and Development of smart energy harvester cum charger for lead acid cell using buck boost SMPS technique with Energy computerMs.Milltronics E Matiks, CoimbatoreRs.10,000


Information TechnologyWebsite CreationRJ Matriculation School, CoimbatoreRs. 5000/-
Mrs.G.Kalpana, Mrs.T.Shanmugapriya
Information TechnologyBilling SoftwareS.P Associates, CoimbatoreRs. 10000/-
662017-2019Dr.J.Shanthini, Mr.K.S.Mohan
Ms.K.Ramyapriya, Ms.Sangeetha, Mr.J.T.Thirukrishna
Information TechnologyOrder Tracking softwareR.K.Cotton’s, TirupurRs. 25000/-
672017-2020Dr.L.M.Nithya Mr.C.Senthilkaumar
Information TechnologyControlling SoftwareScube Creations, TirupurRs. 50000/-
Information TechnologyMobile AppSubam Clinic, CoimbatoreRs. 25000/-
Information TechnologyIntruder detection system in surveillance camerasRed Eye ServicesRs. 25000/-
702017-18Dr.P.Krishnaveni & Dr.V.PrabakaranMBAOut Bound TrainingSchool Teachers of different schools in Coimbatore district65580
712018-19Dr.P.Krishnaveni & Dr.V.PrabakaranMBAOut Bound TrainingSchool Teachers of different schools in Coimbatore district102720
722018-19Dr.P.Krishnaveni & Dr.V.PrabakaranMBAOut Bound TrainingMechanical Students, SNS College of Technology5000
732018-19Dr.P.Krishnaveni & Dr.V.PrabakaranMBAOut Bound TrainingIT Students, SNS College of Technology5600
742018-19Dr.P.Krishnaveni & Dr.V.PrabakaranMBAOut Bound TrainingSchool Teachers of different schools in Coimbatore district10800
752018-19Dr.P.Krishnaveni & Dr.V.PrabakaranMBAOut Bound TrainingE&I and BME Students, SNS College of Technology8200
762018-19Dr.P.Krishnaveni & Dr.V.PrabakaranMBAOut Bound TrainingMechatronics Students, SNS College of Technology10250
Mr.K.Mohan Kumar
Ms.A.Naga Vidya
MBAOut Bound TrainingMechanical Students, SNS College of Technology5000
MBAOut Bound TrainingMechanical Students, SNS College of Technology5000
MBAOut Bound TrainingMechanical Students, SNS College of Engineering9000
802018-19Dr.V.PrabakaranMBAOut Bound TrainingMechanical and Automation Students, SNS College of Engineering5750
MBAOut Bound TrainingMechanical Students, SNS College of Technology5000
MBAOut Bound TrainingCSE Students, SNS College of Technology11750
MBAOut Bound TrainingCSE Students, SNS College of Technology10500
MBAOut Bound TrainingAutomobile Students, SNS College of Technology9250
MBAOut Bound TrainingCSE Students, SNS College of Technology12500
Ms.R.Banu rekha
MBAOut Bound TrainingB.Com students of KG College of Arts and Science23800
MBAKoteeswari Programme – Event OrganizingColours Tamil Channel14000
Ms.R.Banu rekha
MBAOut Bound TrainingB.Com students of KG College of Arts and Science28500
892019-20MrG.HariMBAKovai Wonder Women – Event OrganizingProzone Mall80000
902015-16Mr.T.Venkatajalapathi, ASP/Mech                                               &                                           Mr.A.Natarajan, ASP/MechMechanicalPump performance improvement using CFD Simulation.M/s Swagath Industrial corporation, Nallampalayam, Coimbatore-641030Rs.12000/-
912015-16Mr.B.Karthick, AP/Mech &Mr.V..Karthi, AP/MechMechanicalComposition of steel for the spur gear used in over crane mechanism DM engineering works, Coimbatore-641035Rs.5000/-
922015-16C. Chinnasamy, AP/MechMechanicalTransesterification ProcessS.Premkumar, CIET, Coimbatore-641109Rs.1000/-
932015-16A. NATARAJAN,ASP/MechMechanicalProductivity Improvement & Rejection control in FoundrySanthi Casting Works, Narashimanaicken Palayam, CoimbatoreRs 25,000/-
942016-17C. Chinnasamy, AP/MechMechanicalTransesterification of biodiesel from the lemon seed oilMr.K.Kishore Kumar & Team +Mr.Sayed Habeeb Team, Krishna college of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore.Rs.3000/-
952016-17A. NATARAJAN,ASP/MechMechanicalProductivity Improvement & Rejection control in FoundrySanthi Casting Works, Narashimanaicken Palayam, CoimbatoreRs 25,000/-
962016-17T.Venkatajalapathi. ASP/Mech.        & C.Chinnasamy                  AP/Mech.MechanicalImproving the efficiency of compressorM/S LG Equipment, Singanallur, CoimbatoreRs 12,000/-
972016-17A. NATARAJAN,ASP/MechMechanicalProduction Planning and Producitvity ImprovementRABWIN Industries, MalumichampattiRs 25,000/-
982017-18A. NATARAJAN,ASP/MechMechanicalProductivity Improvement & Rejection control in FoundrySanthi Casting Works, Narashimanaicken Palayam, CoimbatoreRs 20,833/-
992017-18A. NATARAJAN,ASP/MechMechanicalProduction planning and productivity improvementSri Harshini Industries, Keeranatham, CoimbatoreRs 30,000/-
1002017-18R.DHARMALINGAM, ASP/Mech.MechanicalSpecific Gear box DesignLakshmi Gears Ltd, Ganapathy, CoimbatoreRs 15,000
1012018-2019C. Chinnasamy, AP/MechMechanicalExperiment works on Diesel Engine using rice bran oilPSG College of TechnologyRs 6,000/-
1022018-2019A. NATARAJAN ASP / Mech               V.S.KAUSHIK AP/MechMechanicalProduction Planning, Productivity ImprovementDromos Shafts, GanapathyRs 50,000/-
1032019-2020A. NATARAJAN ASP / Mech               V.S.KAUSHIK AP/MechMechanicalProduction Planning, Productivity ImprovementDromos Shafts, Ganapathy, Coimbatore-641006Rs 25,000/-
1042019-2020A. NATARAJAN,ASP/MechMechanicalDesign and Fabrication of Inspection equipment for a rubber componentSri Ramkarthic Polymers Pvt Ltd, Kottaipalayam, Coimbatore- 641110Rs 6,500/-
1052019-2020C.SENTHIL KUMAR, ASP/MechMechanicalTraining to LMW emoloyees for Learn and Earn programGKDITR, Arasur, Coimbatore-641407Rs 3,000/-
1062019-2020Ms. S. ShaliniEnglishContent WritingMK Power System, CoimbatoreRs. 3000/-
1072019-2020Ms.A.SamundeswariEnglishContent WritingRays Tech CNCRs.3000/-
1082019-2020Dr.S.ParvathiEnglishContent WritingThe Ooty Public SchoolRs.2500/-
1092019-2020Ms.R.N.SaraswathiEnglishContent WritingLycasoft TechnologiesRs.3000/-
1102018-19MrR.Yasodharan, Mr.P.MohankumarMechatronicsAutomatic PCB drilling MachineWizzard SystemsRs. 72,385/-
1112018-19Mr.S.Pradeep, Ms.T.KousalyaMechatronicsInstalling of CCTV CameraSri Radha Thirumana MahalRs. 60,000/-
1122018-19Dr.P.Vivekanandan, Mr.P.Devendran, Mr.R.SambasivamMechatronicsRoaster machine – New Grade SS material (Corrosion resistance)Virgo machinesRs. 47500/-
1132017-18Dr.P.Vivekanandan Dr. T.BalasubramaniMechatronicsFabrication of Robot armMaavan AeronauticsRs 5850/-
1142017-18Dr.P.Vivekanandan Mr.R.YasodharanMechatronicsFabrication of PLC based Temperature Monitoring systemInnovative Solution, TirupurRs6500/-
1152017-18Dr.P.Vivekanandan Mr. P.DevendranMechatronicsStructural and thermal analysis of cylinder block.Mars Academy, CoimbatoreRs5400/-
1162016-17Mr. P.Devendran Mr.R.SambasivamMechatronicsPLC based control system in food processing machineVirgo machines, CoimbatoreRs5200/-
1172016-17Dr.P.Vivekanandan Mr.P.Devendran Mr.R.SambasivamMechatronicsDesign and analysis of roaster machineVirgo machines, CoimbatoreRs7500/-