Computer Science and Engineering

Industry Interface

The main aim is to enhance the industry supported learning to students through various interactions and events. Students are engaged with Industrial projects, paid internships, placements, Value added courses to meet out the skill enhancement and technology upgradation. To support this objective, our department have many industry experienced faculties. Also the faculty members are given industrial Internship at the end of every semester to cope up with latest technology. This will enable the faculty members to provide more hands-on session and practical exposure to the student community. Industrial case study is mandated in every course to Provide indepth knowledge to the students.


MoU’s are signed to meet out the benefits of students, Faculties and Industry persons to update their knowledge. MoU’s our department generated more than lakhs of rupees. The company also share their problems for student to take up as final year project or mini projects. From the projects, many students have joined in the same company as interns or as employers. Merely, Computer Science and Engineering Department of Engineering currently hold 60+ live MoUs. The signed companies  falls into the thrust areas like Internet of Things,Web and Mobile Application Development, Machine Learning and Testing . Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized various guest lectures,Hands on Training, Inplant training and internships  i frequently through this MoUs.

Industry Collaboration

Collaboration with Industries nearby helps to promote the consultancy activities. The Industrial Problems are gathered and thereby students are encouraged to solve through their miniproject and project. Industry visits are made by both faculty and students to learn the happenings and expectations by the industry. This helps the students to be industry ready for their placements. Faculty members also assigned with industrial problems through the industry collaborations to have a win win scenario.


The Placement cell is an Integral part of SNS CT. It continuously monitors the employment opportunities available in various domains. It also vibrantly interacts with diverse corporate industries and arranges the campus interviews for the eligible students both at Under Graduate and Post Graduate level. Training is provided to the students based on their interests.The Placement Team members are from various leading Business Houses and Institutions with rich experience in understanding the current market scenario and exploring for the best opportunities to the students.In addition to Placement of students, we also arrange for Guest Lectures / Workshops conducted by Eminent HR / Technical Professionals from IT, ITeS and Core Industries at regular intervals, to ensure that current skill sets are imparted to the students and make them “Industry Ready”.

With good planning and approaching the appropriate Companies in various verticals, we were able to place the majority of our students in major Companies, in spite of the slow down in the recruitment process. Many of our students, who got placed in major IT, ITeS and Core Companies have performed well and reached greater heights in their Career. We have a good Placement Cell infrastructure which comprises of 2 GD Panel rooms, 7 closed interview panels and 2 Conference halls. We ensure comfort for both the recruiters and the students during the recruitment process.

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